Brief History

The Design of Edward W. Bok Academy




Bok Academy offers a unique educational opportunity that exemplifies and honors the life of the philanthropist Edward W. Bok, who in the 1920’s, created a sanctuary of beauty, serenity, and peace in Lake Wales.


Edward W. Bok Academy educates Renaissance thinkers for the digital age.


Bok’s curriculum provides a global perspective, an ethos of service, and a keen understanding of the digital world. In addition, the exposure to the integrated nature of knowledge and life will frame every aspect of our work.


Overarching Ideas: Embracing the Keystone concept that all learning is viewed through the lens of architecture and design is central to our work.


This focus is used as a metaphor for all of Bok’s learning. By teaching students about how any individual or society constructs knowledge; this concept spirals throughout the curriculum. Architecture, for our purposes, will be defined as structural design; not just the built environment. We teach the students to understand the interconnectedness of knowledge and avoid viewing learning as just the acquisition of discrete bits of information. This approach enables the staff to create a more cohesive academic program.

Bok’s Framework and Design


Venturing into the world of architecture and design provides the framework for transformation and offers the faculty and students with a working metaphor for the interconnection of ideas. This requires looking at knowledge not as just discrete bits of information, but as a design.



Bok Way of Life – 55 Essentials – Behavior – Roundtable


Civility and manners are extremely important to our work at Bok Academy. We expect students to learn the “Bok Way of Life,” and to behave in a manner that shows respect for this learning environment and others.



Center for Science and Nature


Bok’s Center for Science and Nature teaches students to be excellent stewards of our campus. In March 2009, an environmental dock was built to enhance our science and nature offerings. A full garden and agricultural program is also a keystone of our curriculum.




Attention to mind, body, and spirit while exposing the students to the best of Eastern and Western thought in the area of wellness will broaden the perspective of the students. Our athletic program includes outdoor leadership, mountain biking, kayaking, and martial arts, as well as typical sporting activities.


A comprehensive program of community service was designed by the staff in collaboration with the students. Bok Academy students work on making the world a bit better and more beautiful for having lived in it.


Sister Campus | Bok North


In 2018, a sister campus was opened in the city limits of Lake Wales. Currently Bok North is located at the First Baptist Church and have recently moved grades 7 & 8 to their new campus. The permanent location will be on the grounds of where the 1918 Lake Wales High School once resided.