Application process begins here:

Please review the following prior to completing your application.

There are two types of applications:  Transfer and Open Enrollment.  Please be sure you are completing the correct application.  Applications entered on the wrong form will not be considered for enrollment.


A transfer student is defined as a student who is attending another school during the current school year.  A transfer student must be enrolled in grade 6, grade 7, or grade 8 for the current school year.

Transfer students are placed on a wait list.  If an opening occurs during the current school year the wait list is consulted.  The waitlist is a list of students who applied during open enrollment or complete a transfer application.


Transfer students, who currently are in grade 6 or 7, are encouraged to complete an application during Open Enrollment.  By applying during Open Enrollment the student will be placed on the application list for the next school year.  Transfer applications are NOT included in Open Enrollment for the next year.  Transfer applications remain with the current school year list.  You must complete two different applications if you wish to enter for the current school, if openings arise, and/or wish to be considered for the next school year.


An Open Enrollment application is for students wishing to attend for the next school year.  Students who complete the application for Open Enrollment will be considered for the next school year.  Typically this includes students currently in 5th grade at a local elementary school or students attending a different middle school and wish to be considered for the next school year.

Charter Application & Contract

Important Facts about the Enrollment Process - It is important to understand our policies, procedures, and expectations prior to applying to Bok South.

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